10 foot Straight EZ-ZIP Fabric Display

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EZ-Zip displays are the ultimate in easy transport and quick setup. The 10' Straight EZ-Zip weighs in at less than 20 lbs and sets up in about 20 minutes.

Flight-ready.  Can be placed into a suitcase for easy transport as checked luggage or in a car. Suitcase not included. We recommend first getting the display then getting a suitcase.

The frame is made from quick-assemble snap-together aluminum tubing. The stretch fabric print then slips on like a pillowcase and then zips up. The print can be separately ordered later to redo your graphics, re-using your frame.

Notes about the images above:  1.  Lights not included.  To add LED lights, please use the options to the right.  2.  Two types of feet are available and shown, wide and slender.  By default slender feet are included, making it easier for you to transport.  Weights listed are based on slender feet.

airline friendly 10 foot booth

Shown packed into a 30" suitcase below.

10 foot display fits into checked luggage example 

The longest frame segment is shown. The measurement is approximate. We recommend that you buy the display first, then your suitcase.

10 ft straight pillowcase tube display longest tube length 


Includes all the hardware (the frame), the fabric graphic print and a canvas bag.
* Weight:  Approximately 19.8 lbs (9 kgs)
* Approximate assembled size:
  Approximately 117.3" W x 89" H x 16.5" D

The aluminum tube frame shown.  Snaps together in minutes.

EZ-Zip 10 foot straight display tube frame





Single or Double-sided
LED lighting
Matching tablecloth

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