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Connect an unlimited number of EZ-Zip straight, EZ-Block, and EZ-MySize displays using EZ-Connect connector feet.  Mix-n-match displays.  One EZ-Connect foot connects two displays together.  No need to buy new displays.  No tools required.  It just works!

Modular: Use your EZ-Zip displays standalone, or add an EZ-Connect foot to connect two together.  Add another EZ-Connect foot to connect a third display.  Connect an unlimited number of EZ-Zip, EZ-Block and EZ-MySize displays together.   The EZ-Connect foot replaces one of the feet that comes with your EZ-Zip or EZ-Block display.  

Connect to extend your backwall width:  Connect two 10' EZ-Zip straight displays to make a 20' backdrop.  Extend your backdrop to unlimited widths by just getting more EZ-Zip displays and an EZ-Connect foot for each additional segment.

Connect at 90 degrees to enclose a space: Connect 2 displays at a 90 degree angle to brand a corner. Connect 3 displays using 2 EZ-Connect feet to create a U-shaped semi-enclosed space.  

Connect at 270 degrees to close-off a space: You can use EZ-Connect to place the printed side of your EZ-Zip displays facing outwards.  Frequently done with EZ-Block displays, you can block off an area with EZ-Block and EZ-Connect feet.

How to enclose, block-off, separate space


Compatible with:
  * All EZ-Zip straight displays (8', 10', 20') ordered after 9/1/2017.
  * All EZ-Block 3 foot high barriers. 
  * All EZ-MySize custom sized displays.

Mix 'n match the above and connect.  NOT compatible with curved or serpentine displays.


EZ-Connect connector foot for straight EZ-Zip, EZ-Block, and EZ-MySize displays.

Weight: Approximately 2.4 lbs (~1.1 kg).
Foot size:  Approximately 19.7" (50 cm) long x approximately 2.3" (6 cm) wide

Contents shown:

EZ-Connect connector foot 

Another view:

EZ-Connect connector foot

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