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LED EZ-Zip zippered tube frame display lights (156 bulb) light up your popup display with bright, clear, clean white light. These are universal venue and universal voltage.  The minimum quantity is 2.

Universal venue: Some venues such as the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) have restrictions on using 150W halogen lighting. You can use these display lights at the LVCC and any other convention centers in the US and internationally.

Universal voltage: Halogen lighting requires you to match the voltage of the outlets to the voltage of the lamps. LED lighting allows you to plug into any voltage around the world (100V - 240V). The most you might need is a physical plug converter (no voltage converter needed).

The included power supply has a 2-prong plug for US sockets.

Recommended number of lights to get for your zippered display:
8' or 10' zippered display: 2 LED lights.
15' zippered display: 4 LED lights.
20' zippered display: 4, 6, or 8 LED lights


LED zippered display light with universal voltage power supply.
Weight: Approximately 1.5 lbs.
Assembled size:  Approximately 21" long with approx. 118” cord.

Shown from the top and from the bottom:

EZ Zip display light top and bottom views 

Contents shown

LED EZ-Zip light contents 

156 LED bulbs built-in.
LED light for zippered display 156 bulbs built-in

Included power adapter with standard 2-prong plug
LED light for zippered display included power supply

Power supply closeup view:

LED display light power supply details

Additional Info

View when mounted, shown from the back side:

EZ Zip display light shown mounted, back-view 

LED display light for zippered display shown from the back, closeup view:LED light for zippered display shown mounted from rear

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