Vibrant LED Backlit 10 Foot Display



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Product Details

What's the Vibrant LED Backlit 10' display?

  • LED backlit
  • Modular.  10' wide -- extend to a 20x10 or 20x20. 
  • Floor-space saving 
  • Double-sided branding.  Use as back wall or free-standing wall.

The 10’ Vibrant LED Backlit Display is one humungous LED backlit display that makes your company the center of attention, a customer-magnet pulling them in from way down the aisles.

Vibrant Backlit Displays

  • Quick 20 minute install.  Pre-mounted high-intensity LEDs.
  • Freestanding. Solid construction.
  • Front and back sides both backlit.
  • Replaceable graphics. Easily refresh your image.
  • Safe -- plug-in an included external UL-listed power adapter. 


MAX Floor Space

Double-sided & Modular



Includes everything you need:

  • Frame hardware with build-in high-intensity LED lighting
  • 2 high vibrancy edge-to-edge graphic prints (front and back can be different images)
  • Transport bag.
  • UL-listed grounded power adapter

Buy 2 in the same order to save even more. 

  • When you buy 2 or your second display we will include the connection hardware to lock your frames together.

Dimensions and weight

  • Approximate weight: 58 lbs. (26.5 kg)
  • Approximate packed size:  53.5” x 16” x 9.5”  (136 cm x 40 cm x 24 cm)
  • Approximate assembled size with feet: 115” W x 98” H x 16” D (292 cm x 248 cm x 40 cm)

Shown packed

Save on trade show shipping costs, shown packed in bag

Safety first.  UL listed grounded power adapter with only low voltage 24V DC in-frame. 

Plug-in backlit display

High-intensity cool LED lights are pre-mounted.  No need to fiddle with hanging light curtain sticks. 

Pre-mounted high lumen LED lighting

How to connect Vibrant LED Backlit displays

Any same-size Vibrant LED Backlit displays can be connected up to 2 units in a straight row to extend their combined width.  Use our solid metal connector pegs to lock the frames together top and bottom, with essentially zero gap (about 1/16" or 0.15 cm) between them.  Shown enlarged below (actual size about 1.25" or 3 cm long).

How to connect two light boxes


Graphic design tip:  When extending the width above, your displays have separate graphic themes with separate graphic prints.  The center frame aluminum edges at the center will be visible.  Alternatively, separately get a 20' wide single graphic print from us to span both frames, covering the center edges.   As shown in the example image with black background, the center has graphic design that is all dark or black, as this joining area is not backlit.  

To connect at 90 degrees, the edge (side) of a display will connect to the front of another display.  Order a separately available print that spans the both displays at the corner.  Please email us to place that graphic print order.

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