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Product Details

The Vibrant Backlit Kiosk is the best place to meet customers. Vivid backlit deep dye colors of the integrated banner attract customers from many booths away down the aisle left and right. Place your tablet devices, samples or even a 42" monitor on it for a complete presentation.

The Vibrant Backlit Kiosk enables interaction with you. The tabletop’s height is coffee bar table height for use while standing, and allows you to face each other in light discussion before they commit to sit down.

Advantage over a low height standard table

When you walk down a trade show aisle, whatever is eye-level is easier to be seen.  It’s also easier to talk with someone who is also standing.   By raising the tabletop height to standing-level, your future customer can easily engage with you and your materials.

Advantage over a single-user self-service kiosk

You can stand behind, on the side, or side-by-side with your customer.  This is what trade shows are all about -- meeting your clients, not leaving them alone with a screen.

Wine tasting?  Sample giveaways?  Selling products? 

Put your product where your customer can easily see and pick it up.  Don’t make her stoop down to a low table to look or pick it up.

Meet and greet sales table (front-right view) Sample shelf and table (front view)

Table back-side is backlit.  Graphic image can be different from the front. Beverage table for conferences and shows (right side view).

Vibrant Backlit DIsplays

  • Internally lit with pre-mounted high lumen LED lighting.
  • Freestanding.  Solid construction.
  • Double-sided luxurious printing included.  Front and back sides both backlit.
  • Replaceable graphics.  Easily refresh your image.
  • Safety first.  UL listed grounded power adapter with only low voltage 24V DC in-frame. 
  • Quick and easy to install.  You will be packed and on the way to cocktail networking in minutes.
  • Made with detail and attention.

Both the left side and right side are luxurious backlit graphics.  



Includes everything you need:

  • Banner frame hardware with build-in high-intensity LED lighting. 
  • Pillar frame hardware
  • Table top
  • 2 high vibrancy silicon-edge graphic prints (front and back can be different images)
  • 1 non-backlit wraparound pillar-branding print
  • 2 Transport bags
  • UL-listed grounded power adapter (72W, universal voltage)

Dimensions and weight

  • Approximate weight:  62 lbs. (28 kg)
  • Approximate packed size:  41” x  20.5” x 4.25”  (105 cm x 52 cm x 11 cm) and 45.25” x 12.5” x 5.25”  (115 cm x 32 cm x 13 cm)
  • Approximate complete assembled size:  41.5” W x 78.25” H x 39” D (105 cm x 199 cm x  99 cm).  The tabletop is 39” above ground.
  • Approximate backlit banner size:  39” W x 78.25” H x 2” D (99 cm x 199 cm x 5 cm)
  • Approximate tabletop size:  39.5” W x 17.75” D (100 cm x 45 cm)
  • Approximate support pillar dimensions: 13.75” W x 13.75” D x 39” H (35 cm x 35 cm x 99 cm)

The tabletop can support up to 50 lbs of evenly distributed weight.

Shown packed in 2 transport bags.

Portable trade show kiosk  Portable trade show meeting table

Safety first.  UL-listed grounded power supply.  Plug-in, lights on!

Backlit counter power supplyBacklit kiosk plug-in power

Additional Info

The support pillar for the table is a space that opens at the back, convenient for storing flyers and brochures.  The customer-facing 3 sides of the pillar are covered by a printed fabric.  You can print it all-black to look like a solid pillar.  Or, you can place your logo on up to 3 of the pillar sides, on any background design.

Show booth storage in-counter

Installation or disassembly of the Vibrant Backlit Kiosk takes about 30 minutes.

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